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Windows Installers for Apache Maven 2 and 3

I’ve updated the installer for Apache Maven 2 – and created a similar one for Apache Maven 3. More usefully, perhaps, I’ve uploaded the sources for them both to GitHub. I’ve also included a Java version check – first of a list of features I thought might be useful – and a set of README Read More

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iTunes Insisted My iPhone Wanted Me To Encrypt Backups

This might help you if you encounter the same problem… When I last connected up my iPhone to my laptop it prompted me to install the latest updated to iOS – which I did, naturally.  Unfortunately, when it tried to do a backup of the iPhone it complained that the phone insisted on encrypting the Read More

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My First Couple of Weeks with Windows 8 Pro

After a couple of weeks using the newly released Windows 8 on my new Laptop I’m ready to pass on my experiences and offer a few tips. I briefly tried Windows 8 preview a few months ago – but there was nothing that got me excited and, running in a VM, it was painfully slow. Read More

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Microsoft Word Stops Working on Opening or Saving a File

This week, I’ve had a problem with Microsoft Word 2010.  Possibly, but not definitely related to having just installed Windows 8. Every time I tried to open an existing Word document a dialog popped up saying Word has Stopped Working. Again, Googled and found various bits of advice including a detailed article from Microsoft (which Read More

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Black Blinking Cursor at Start-up on my New Dell Laptop

I’ve had a few problems with my new Laptop – they appear to have started when I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate.  But, now I’ve fixed it so I’ll pass on my experiences. The install wasn’t quite smooth and said it had failed – but on a restart, everything seemed Read More

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“Error establishing a database connection” With XAMP, MySQL and WordPress

Thought some people might find it useful to see how I managed to solve this… So, this week I determined to do a little more work on the code for this blog – a new plugin.  However, as I have recently updated my laptop I needed to re-install all the tools – Eclipse, Ant, XAMPP Read More

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Test Drive Apache Maven on Your Existing Projects

In the past, I have found the easiest way to get to grips with a new build tool is to give it a try on a project – new or existing. In this article I will describe how you can test drive Apache Maven by using as a build tool for one of your existing Read More

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“Unhide” Columns in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

So, last week I received an Excel spreadsheet in an email and I needed to extract some data and make some changes. I created a new spreadsheet and copied the cells into it and started working on it. The following day I came back to it and noticed that the first column (A) wasn’t showing.  Read More

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Activation Failed With Error code: 0x800000C2

Just a quick note for anyone who suffers the same problem when they update to Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 to say what solutions I tried and which one, with the help of the Kaspersky Support folks, finally worked. I saw the warnings (about to expire) and bought myself a 3 PC licence – but waited Read More

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jQuery, nth-child selector and Chrome or Safari Browsers

I’m in the middle of adding new functionality to the Wicked Text jQuery plugin and, to keep the code standard high, I have created a simple Unit Test page. I had a problem with the nth-child selector in Chrome and Safari browsers and thought you might find my solution useful.  But not before I’ve done Read More

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