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4 comments on “Extracting Image Properties in C#”

  1. Alon says:


    I’ve just implemented a tool to edit the “Date Taken” property (the name in the properties dialog, details tab when right click an image file). According to all documentation, it is the “PropertyTagDateTime” but when i change this property value – it doesnt affect the “Date taken”. If I read this property – I am reading what Ii wrote. It just doesnt appear in the properties dialog or on Win7 column “Date Taken”.

    Any idea??



    1. simon says:

      All I can suggest is to display all of the properties to see if another one is being read as the Date Taken value. Also, verify that the format of the value you are setting matches the expected one for the value.

      I’ll have another look when I get more time.

  2. Alon says:

    Yes, I did that – none of the PropertyItems show now the “Date Taken”…

    I also wrote what I read and still doesn’t change the “Date Taken” but I do read again what I just wrote… Weird!


  3. Alon says:

    I’ve found it… is PropertyTagExifDTOrig (0x9003).

    From MSDN:
    “Date and time when the original image data was generated.
    For a digital camera, the date and time when the picture was taken.”


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